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Defiance Forest Products takes pride in providing the highest quality clear lumber and veneer to the most demanding markets throughout the world. The many different products manufactured are tailored to fit the requirements of our customers. This includes custom grading that meets the American Lumber Standards as well as demands well beyond these requirements. Defiance Forest Products combines twenty years of fiber acquisition, special grading, and just in time shipping.

Defiance Forest Products specializes in very fine grain Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and Western Red Cedar. A full range of products are shipped from our Port of Tacoma facility which provides for complete dry storage as well as dry load and unload capabilities. These products range from extremely large clear timbers or cants down to paper thin veneers. These items can be further remanufactured into door and window components, specialized millwork, or wrapped profile veneer.

High Quality Clear Lumber

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